Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stop The Flaking

How to Exfoliate Your Face Correctly

When I first meet with a client for a skin consultation I like to know everything they use on their skin before recommending products that I think would benefit their skin. One thing I have noticed is so many of  them seem to skip exfoliating their skin or others are doing it way too often. I thought this subject would be perfect for me to write about and help clear up some confusion.

Let's start with why you should be exfoliating first. When we are younger our skins cell turnover rate is every 14 days. In our teens to early 20's cell turnover is every 21-28 days. By the time we reach 50 cell turnover rate can take 1-1/2 to 3 months!

What do I mean by skin cell turnover rate? It is the rate at which skin cells are used and renewed. We are constantly shedding skin cells and depending on your, age your cell turnover rate is how long it takes for your new skin cells to reach the top layer of skin.

When you do not exfoliate, your skin becomes dry and your complexion dull. You may have purchased some expensive skin care, but without removing the dead cells your products will not work to their full potential. If you skip exfoliating and just moisturize, you are only matting the dead cells back down on your face. Exfoliating stimulates blood and lymph flow as well as cell turnover therefore it helps fight aging.

How often should you exfoliate? Once every 3 or 4 days and no more than that. If you over exfoliate your face, it triggers an inflammatory response in your skin and your natural lipid barrier is compromised. The result is your skin can not function properly. Over exfoliating will leave your skin sensitive, prone to breakouts and can accelerate premature aging of your face by thinning it. 

So now that you why and how often you should be exfoliating, you are probably wondering what you should use. I have a couple of exfoliators I like, but my absolute favorite is Bioelements Kerafole. It is one that I have been using on myself and my clients for over 10 years. There are not bits or or beads in Kerafole. It is not a scrub which is one of the reasons I heart this product! Kerafole is a smooth mask the you apply after you cleanse your face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse off. 

Two of the key ingredients in Kerafole are citric and malic acid. They sweep the dead cells off leaving your skin brighter, smoother and softer. Your skin will be glowing! Removing the dead cells help keep your pores clean, making them appear smaller. Kerafole quits working after 10 minutes, so you don't have to worry that it will over exfoliate your face. This product does all the work. I just love that!

Kerafole can be used on any skin type. Whether you have dry, oily, normal, or sensitive skin, you can use this product.

Bioelements was started in 1991 by Barbara Salomome. Barbara is one of the first licensed estheticians in the U.S.  So who better to trust your skin care to than someone who has a passion for skin!

Kerafole is just one of my favorite  products to exfoliate my face with. Have you ever used Bioelements Kerafole? What is your favorite product to exfoliate your face with?                            Till next time,
                                                                        Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie

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