Sunday, December 15, 2013

Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask Review

Full disclosure. I was sent a sample of Radical Skincare Instant Revitalizing Mask  to write a post about. However this will never influence whether I like a product or not.

Revitalize Your Face With This Magical Mask

Recently I was introduced to a new skin care line. New to me that is! It's called Radical Skincare and was started by two sister quite by accident. 

Liz and Rachel Edlich were certainly no strangers to the skin care industry. Since before the age of ten they had worked in their father's (Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD. PHD., world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery and an inspiration himself!) lab at the University of Virginia's burn unit. They were exposed to the science of skin rejuvenation and wound repair at extreme levels. This dynamic duo then spent 15 years in the skin care industry in Los Angeles creating 100 products for celebrities and others.

Then suddenly Rachel developed severe Rosacea and Liz realized gravity was taking its toll on her skin. They asked their chemists to design skin care that would be gently enough for Rachel's sensitive skin, yet potent enough to turn back the clock on Liz's skin. At first they themselves were enjoying the benefits of the products, but soon enough friends were commenting on how great their skin looked and that is how this phenomenal skin care line was born!

There are many reasons I have fallen in love with Radical Skincare. It is one of strongest lines you can purchase over the counter that will actually change and affect your skin. I love the fact that Liz and Rachel themselves are used in the advertising and not some model who has never used the product. The message that Radical thinking can change and empower you is brilliant and uplifting! I heart the fact that they put the money into the ingredients in the products and not on advertising or celebrity endorsements. But I am totally passionate about and kind of obsessed with the Instant Revitalizing Mask they sent me!

Instant Revitalizing Mask is like no other mask I have tried and I have tried too many to count! After you cleanse your face you shake up the product and apply a thin layer. It goes on like a serum, but in a matter of seconds it foams up. If that's not enough skin care magic for you, the mask, then starts to bubble, pop, then disappear on your skin! It feels like champagne bubbles on your face! Once the mask is done doing it's thing you simply rinse it off. It left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth, and hydrated. 

This mask can be used twice a week. You can find it at Sephora. A 1 oz. size is $65.00. Why do you need this mask? Because it is designed to hydrate, oxygenate, stimulate, and provide key vitamins to the skin. If your skin is dull and dry this mask will help to brighten and invigorate it instantly! This ingenious mask features Radical Skincare Trylacel technology, which helps soothe, repair, and protect skin.

I am so impressed with Radicals Instant Revitalizing Mask that it has peaked my interest about the rest of the skincare line. Rarely does a product line do this to me as I am extremely picky when it comes to skin care.

Other places around the web that you can find out more about Radical Skincare:


Till next time. Have a beautiful skin day! 

Your Esthetic Goddess, Susie

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